Fabric First Approach - Working towards Passivhaus

We have just finished a new concept scheme for a development in Nottinghamshire. The scheme focuses on providing two high quality energy efficient homes with a fabric first approach to the design, and incorporating a landscaping scheme that will provide a green buffer zone between the houses and the nearby road.

The site is set in a semi-rural location within the boundary of a small village in Nottinghamshire. The design for the houses have been inspired by the local vernacular and nearby barns. The site is heavy clay and it will be important to implement a Sustainable Urban Drainage system to slow the surface water run-off from the development. We are proposing a wetland pond with swales that will create a beautiful landscape setting for the houses and create a new habitat and hopefully increase the biodiversity of the site.

We are hoping to have positive feedback from the local authority following a pre-application enquiry to enable us to move forward with detailed designs. Having recently began training on the Passivhaus Planning Package we are very keen to run the developing designs through the package to help specify highly efficient houses. The PHPP has some key basic principles towards having a Passivhaus design and build and we have valued and adopted these principles in the design and construction of our houses of the years. We are fully aware that with rising fuel costs it is important more than ever to be working towards achieving Passivhaus levels in all of our projects, and look forward to delivering projects that meet Passivhaus requirements...

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