Safer House Guidelines for Malawi


Produce images and graphics to support written guidelines, and create a user-friendly layout for an A4 / A5 manual

Boccan was involved in the production of a manual for safer housing in Malawi. Following an earthquake in 2010, that affected hundreds of homes in the Northern region of Malawi, the government and other charitable organisations recognised a gap in the knowledge of safer house construction. Many of the houses destroyed or damaged from the earthquake were, on inspection, as a result of poor construction methods, and in particular the construction of brick houses.

We assisted Shelter and Construction Consultants, a not for profit company, by provided graphical assistance to produce the images and layout for the handbook. The handbook covers the common failures found in the houses, gives common standards for construction of each building element, and the basic method of repair. The handbook also provides a guide on the basic principles of brick laying and joinery, giving beneficiaries tools by which to assess the progress of repair on their home. The handbook also has a small section on the appropriate selection of materials and simple methods for testing the quality of those materials.

Please visit for more information on the handbook.

  • Location: Malawi
  • Client: n/a
  • Construction Cost: n/a
  • Completed: Spring 2012
  • A completed guide ready for dissemination
  • Transferable images for use as training tools
  • Heightened awareness of the need for construction standards in Malawi