RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2011


To present a subject or topic (designers choice), in the form of a conceptual garden that is not only creative by design, but horticulturally sound, with a construction budget of £6,000.

One of two medal winning show gardens designed and built by students and staff from University College Falmouth. Andy was a member of one of the design teams selected by the RHS to build a show garden in the Concept Garden category at the 2011 Hampton Court Flower Show, the garden, ‘Think! Cover Up’ has been designed to raise awareness of skin cancer.

The planting evokes a hot, arid environment; a stylised ‘gravel garden’. Sun loving plants in hot orange and red tones with silver foliage are balanced with darker notes of smoky purple from Sedums, whose colour intensifies from blue grey in spring to deepest reddish black by late summer, behaving much as our own skin does with increased exposure to sunlight.

On the ground beneath the trees are three raised pools of water, acting as 3D shadows. Instead of being made in the shape of the tree canopy, as one would expect, the pools take on the form of a group of three people, with the trees becoming ‘markers’ for where they might be standing. This is to make the viewer realise that this is a human issue. Standing in one of the pools is a figure, delicate and vulnerable, yet safe in the protection of the shade.

  • Awarded a Silver medal from the RHS
  • Designed and built by Falmouth University students and staff
  • Construction Budget: £6,000
  • Built: July 2011
  • Location: Hampton Court, London