Trengwainton Planting Design, Cornwall

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To re-design an entire 100m long by 10m deep border at the National Trust garden, Trengwainton in Cornwall. The three images show colour, evergreen and height distributions across the border, and the calendar shows colour and evergreen interest throughout the year.

Trengwainton is predominantly a 20th Century creation, however presence on the site dates back to the 16th Century. The garden was landscaped by Sir Rose Price in the early 19th Century. The revival and development of the garden with the start of the exotic plant introduction was in 1925, a period of significant plant hunting expeditions around the world. Around the turn of the 20th Century was a boom time for Cornwall, with 2000 mines, it was the world leader in Tin production.

Design theory applied to this planting design scheme:

Succession – colour throughout the year, with focus on summer.
Evergreen distribution – for a fairly even backbone of foliage all year round.
Height distribution – tall shrubs trees at the rear, gradually reducing in height to the front.
Bays – using sways of structural shrubs to create planting ‘bays’ for middle and front plants.
Interest – using drifts of taller plants to puncture through some of the shorter planting.

Meeting the brief:

An attraction for the summer months, with potential narratives linking to history.
The view stands up for itself, the border is interesting, and can accommodate people to sit amongst the planting, whilst appreciating the view.
Plenty of seating, in semi-circular areas cutting into the planting, focal points along the border to create interest and a reason to explore the entire border.
Links to history through Frank Kingdon Ward and the Meconopsis, and other select planting from his explorations
A colourful garden from spring, through summer and autumn (even in winter) a stunning backdrop for any outdoor occasion.

  • A thousand square meters of planting design
  • Appropriate plant selection for location
  • Colour throughout the year
  • Good proportion and even distribution of evergreens
  • Future plant heights considered
  • Planting in drifts to draw the eye along the border