Falmouth Harbour Park – Landscape Design

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Bringing Falmouth’s waterfront into the town centre, with an alternative, and much needed public open ‘green’ space. The Cornish coastal experience in the heart of the town centre.

The landscape design Falmouth Harbour Park is an alternative approach to a large public ‘green’ space, with emphasis on multiple planting layers and their inter-relationships, coupled with wildlife friendly, naturalistic planting design.

The site is currently a large car park (Church Street), dominating a large section of the harbour side of Falmouth town centre.

The Cornish coast has provided great inspiration for the aesthetic of this landscape design, creating a naturalistic and ecologically influenced public space with year round interest. Pathways of Cornish stone will provide a journey through a coastal influenced planting scheme, including swathes of wild perennials, heathers and grasses. A space that encourages a sense of sharing our environment with other animals. Undulating earth mounds with drifts of planting and grassy areas mimic the rolling coastal hills, the pathways cutting through create a network of intriguing journeys, each one a little different from the last. Native woodland planting will provide areas of shade and investigation, giving a connection to the wider natural environment that can be seen along the wider coastline.

Weaving in and amongst the planting layers and In contrast to typical large formal lawns, grassy areas are an intricate part of the whole park, giving a garden feel to a large public space. Lawn areas act as pathways, leading the user in amongst the plants, and up and over the earth mounds. The lawns are both a physical and visual connection between all the planting areas. A specific mix of lawn flowers have been included to provide the opportunity to give a further dimension of colour and user experience.

Bands of heathers taper out from the perennial drifts, weaving amongst grassy areas, providing a tough carpet for anyone to sit on, and for children to enjoy running up and over the mounds. The planting thins out even further in the far corners of the park, nestling in amongst the rocks.

    • Site: Current Church Street car park
    • Location: Falmouth, Cornwall
    • Size: 1.5 acres / 5,700 sq.m.
    • Ratio: 77% planting / 23% paving
    • Lawn areas: 1,600 sq.m.