Condes House, Chirk Bank


Design a open-plan, light and energy efficient family home with a strong connection the outdoors

The new house will sit in the rear garden of an existing house, and will become a new family home for Jeanette and Nigel. The plot is set on the outskirts of Chirk Bank on a quiet road just walking distance from the Llangollen canal, a beautiful waterway that reaches into the Welsh countryside. The views out to the south and west are to gentle parkland and the design of the house is orientated so as to take in these views from the main living areas. The focus was to turn this backland development into a site that has its own identity and space. The house will be approached from the north and a indigenous species hedge on top of a low stone-faced retaining wall will create a natural boundary between the two houses.

The main entrance is approached from the parking area, to the north, and a large covered porch will provide shelter at the entrance. Internally the house has an open plan arrangement, with a large kitchen and dining area in the central core, and the living room looking out to the west with a wood-burning stove. Large folding-sliding doors will provide an unintterupted connection to the outside, with a covered walkway on the south elevation giving shade in the summer to the living room and an opportunity to extend the living space to the outside during hotter periods.

The floor area is approximately 180m/sq and has recently gained full planning permission.

  • Location:Chirk Bank
  • Client:Jeanette & Nigel
  • Construction Cost:Approx £180,000
  • Completed:Autumn 2013
  • Designed to meet the brief
  • Strong connection to the outside
  • Open-plan living spaces
  • Full planning permission