Canvas Latrine


Produce a 3D model and graphics to create a visualisation of a prototype canvas pit latrine

We have been assisting in the design and prototype modelling of a canvas latrine, suited for emergencies. The latrine has been developed in response to the need for a robust, lighweight pit latrine that can be erected quickly following an emergency. In particular the latrine will suit emergency camps for displaced communities post-disaster. Boccan has provided assistance in the production of a 3D model and graphics.

In the design of the prototype Shelter and Construction Consultants have considered the following issues:

    • Reduce packaging weight for transportation
    • Water-proof and robust materials
    • Lightweight yet structurally stable to withstand high winds and heavy rain
    • Shuttered pit to prevent pit collapse
    • Quick to erect, using standardised parts
    • Only basic tools required i.e shovel or spade
    • Re-usable materials i.e canvas, poles, lid



  • Location: Worldwide
  • Client: Shelter and Construction Consultants
  • Cost: Voluntary
  • Completed: Autumn 2012
  • Modelled prototype ready for manufacture
  • 3D visualisation
  • Colourful poster and graphics