Insulation and Airtightness

03 April 2014 on Architecture, Design, Events by Rebecca Cook

PYC systems held their annual CPD seminar event yesterday at their head-quarters in Mid-Wales. It was very well attended by architects, builders, and self-builders. The discussion and presentations on the importance of insulation, airtightness, and windtightness detailing in buildings were informative and the experience and knowledge of the PYC team was evident. When it comes to their products PYC can say with conviction that their systems work. They are trained installers and suppliers of Warmcel - cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper), which has proven advantages when installed into timber frame walls, roofs, floors and lofts.

Their Pro Clima products deal with the issue of airtightness and windtightness to increase thermal performance, reduce the potential for mold and damp, and ensure healthy living environments. Their suite of airtightness membranes and tapes provide a total solution for airtightness in buildings. They are also registered to carry out air pressure tests and rent a very useful Wincon fan that enables house-builders to test rooms as they are constructed prior to the actual whole house test.

PYC gave practical demonstrations as well as in-depth seminars on the science behind the systems. Jasper and Ben and the team were helpful and informative and were able to host this event for the first time in their newly renovated offices that employ the principles of Passive House.

We are look forward to next years event!


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