Andy Cook is a trained Garden Designer. Andy strives to be both ecologically and environmentally conscious, producing garden designs that are not only aesthetically interesting but also aim to increase the biodiversity.
By focusing on indigenous plant species in garden and landscape designs, the local vernacular is either maintained or re-established, maximising the potential for attracting and providing a sustainable habitat for wildlife.

Andy can provide garden design services alone or as an integrated house and garden design package.

To discuss any of the above please contact us by email or by phone 01938 820232

  • Stand-alone garden design service
  • Combined architectural house and garden design service
  • Single border planting scheme through to full garden design and planting specifications
  • Thoughtful material selection ensuring the garden is in harmony with the house
  • Indigenous driven design ensures the garden sits comfortably in the surrounding landscape
  • Sourcing of materials and contractors if required