Aberdyfi Garden Design – Soil Preparation and Planting

As soon as the hard landscaping work was finished, 15 tonnes of quality blended loam top soil was distributed around the various borders by hand, it was hard work but worth it. As the topsoil work progressed it was great […]

15 June on Landscape

Aberdyfi Garden Design The Build Phase – Weeks 1 to 4

This winter seemed long, wet and windy here in mid Wales.  I think the season was amplified for me (Andy) as I was ‘waiting’ for the weather to improve so that the builders could start the hard landscaping for my […]

26 April on Landscape

New Concept Design, working towards Passivhaus

Fabric First Approach – Working towards Passivhaus We have just finished a new concept scheme for a development in Nottinghamshire. The scheme focuses on providing two high quality energy efficient homes with a fabric first approach to the design, and […]

08 April on Architecture, Design, Landscape

Medieval findings?

Mathrafal Castle has a wonderful and chequered history. Once the administrative centre of Wales, this example of a Motte and Bailey Castle has drawn a lot of interest over the years. The three mature Oak trees stand together on top of the old […]

17 December on Architecture, Landscape